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Corsham Court Guide Book

Corsham Court Guide Book

Published 2004 (current edition)

31 pages (A4 format)

Illustrated with mainly colour and some b/w (incl. archival) photographs throughout.

Price £4.00 (incl. copy of *Picture List) + £1.75 p&p = £5.75 each

Picture List

*Picture List

Pamphlet (A5 format)

A list of all 161 paintings on display in the Staterooms.

Price £0.50 + £0.35 p&p = £0.85 each

Borenius Catalogue

Borenius Catalogue

Based on Tancred Borenius' original work of 1938

153 pages (A5 format)

An historic catalogue of paintings in the Methuen Collection.

Price £2.50 + £1.75 p&p = £4.25 each

Mr Methuen's House

Mr Methuen's House by Leslie Harcourt

Gothic Dream Press 1981

112 pages (200 x 243mm)

A book about the history of Corsham Court which concentrates in particular on John Nash's alterations to the house. Profusely illustrated throughout with b/w (incl. archival) photographs.

Price £15.00 + £2.25 p&p = £17.25 each

A Gothick Dream

Corsham Court: A Gothick Dream by Leslie Harcourt

Gothic Dream Press 1977

50 pages (212 x 150mm - landscape format)

An earlier edition of the above in paperback. Profusely illustrated throughout with b/w (incl. archival) photographs.

Price £7.50 + £1.50 p&p = £9.00 each

The Garden Plan

Garden Plan

A fold out (A3) all colour plan of the garden.

Species of trees noted and includes a brief history.

Price £0.50 + £0.35 p&p = £0.85 each

Bath House Postcard Cobb Commode Postcard

A selection of colour postcards

Exteriors Interiors Paintings Works of art Misc.
Bath House Picture Gallery Betrayal of Christ by van Dyck Thos. Johnson mirror Peacock
Bradford Porch Cabinet Room The Annunciation by Lippi Sleeping Cupid statue Peacock feather
North Front Music Room Three children by Sofonisba Anguissola Cobb Commode
Aerial View Dining Room Elizabeth I (British School) Pier-glass by Adams bros.
South Front Paul Cobb & Christian Methuen by Reynolds
Thos. Methuen by Reynolds
Prices (incl. p&p) 1pc £0.65, 2pcs £0.95, 3pcs £1.30, 4pcs £1.65.
£0.40 charged per pc (incl. p&p) for orders of 5pcs or more.

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